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Fletcher on Monday largely gave those fans a pass and pointed the finger at stadium securityKansas City Chiefs Authentic Jersey.I'm from Cleveland. I know Browns fans.

Relive every game this season online and on-demand with enhanced viewing features, including the "All-22" coaches film. Get NFL Game Rewind.Reports surfaced after the Redskins' 38-21 win over the Browns that Fletcher's relatives were involved in an altercation with Cleveland fans.

London Fletcher: Stadium security assaulted family Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher joined NFL AM on Monday to share his account of what his family endured the previous day at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

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So instead of diffusing the situation, he escalated the situation Lions Authentic Nike Jersey.Fletcher confirmed that Yvette Robinson, his 57-year-old aunt, was hospitalized with neck injuries and stuff like that, but denied she suffered a heart attack during the skirmish. The linebacker also confirmed his young cousin was attacked.

It's my understanding from the moment they got out of their car, (my family members) were harassed by Browns fans and things like that, even all the way up into the stadium, Fletcher said. (I) had a 13-year-old cousin who was hit in the face prior to the game . .

He wasn't hurt like that, he is OK.Fletcher was remarkably poised discussing what his family went through at the stadium, but the matter isn't about to disappear Chargers Authentic Jersey Official.Still details are emerging, Fletcher said, but this is the understanding that I have gotten, so it's an ongoing legal situation, and we'll be moving forward.

They're rabid fans, and they love their team, Fletcher said, but I guess in the stadium, (my family was) being harassed. The situation that led to people being arrested was stadium security. One of the stadium security guys assaulted one of my family members Denver Broncos Nike Authentic Jersey Online Specials For Sale.


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