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WASHINGTON Cheap Football Hoodies , Nov. 25 (Xinhua) -- An international collaboration of scientists has completed the first genome sequence of the centipede and uncovered new clues about their unique absence of vision and body clock.


The research, conducted by over 100 researchers from 12 countries and published online Tuesday in the U.S. journal PLOS Biology, revealed that Strigamia maritima, a common centipede of north western Europe, has around 15,000 genes. Humans Cheap Football Jerseys , in comparison, have about 23,000 genes.


One of the most surprising findings is that the centipede appears to have lost the genes related solely to vision, as well as the genes controlling circadian rhythm, the body clock.


"Strigamia live underground and have no eyes, so it is not surprising that many of the genes for light receptors are missing Cheap NFL Hats , but they behave as if they are hiding from the light. They must have some alternative way of detecting when they are exposed," said Professor Michael Akam of Britain's University of Cambridge and one of the lead researchers in a statement.


"It's curious, too, that this creature appears to have no body clock -- or if it does, it must use a system very different to other animals."


The centipede's genome sequence is of more than just scientific interest, said the professor.


"Some of its genes may be of direct use. All centipedes inject venom to paralyze their prey Cheap NFL Shirts ," he explained. "Components of venom often make powerful drugs, and the centipede genome will help researchers find these venom genes."


While their name literally means "100-footed," centipedes never have 100 legs. Strigamia maritima, which lives in coastal habitats, can have from 45 to 51 pairs, but the number of pairs is always odd Cheap NFL Hoodies , as it is in all centipedes.


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