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HANOI, Aug. 19 (Xinhua) -- Police investigation agency in Vietnam's northern Yen Bai province late Thursday prosecuted an"especially serious" shooting which left three deaths, including the shooter.


On Thursday morning, two officials were shot dead by a fellow official, who then committed suicide.


The incident happened at around 7:45 a.m. local time. Do Cuong Minh, chief of Yen Bai sub-department of forest protection, entered the office of Pham Duy Cuong, Yen Bai provincial party secretary and Ngo Ngoc Tuan, chairman of Yen Bai People's Council, and started firing at the two officers.


He then shot himself at the head and died.


Dang Tran Chieu, director of Yen Bai provincial police department was quoted by Vietnam's state-run news agency VNA as saying that based on collected documents and evidence, the prosecution seeks charge of murder under article 93 in Vietnam's Penal Code.


According to Chieu, although the perpetrator was dead, Yen Bai police will continue to prosecute the case to investigate and verify the cause of the crime and related issues.


The prosecution aims at determining whether the suspect has any partners in crime. After investigation, if there is no accomplice, the investigation authority might decide to suspend the case and will not prosecute the accused, said Chieu.


The attacker Do Cuong Minh, who was born in 1963, was a son of a former Yen Bai leader. Minh grew up in the forest protection sector and was appointed to be chief of Yen Bai sub-department of forest protection in early 2014.


Yen Bai provincial Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee and Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee in Yen Bai have decided to hold high-level funerals for the two victims.


Pham Duy Cuong, born in 1958, was re-elected as Yen Bai provincial party secretary for the 2015-2020 term while Ngo Ngoc Tuan, born in 1964, served as chairman of Yen Bai People's Council and head of Yen Bai provincial party organization committee.


Selecting The Right Deck Railing Designs For The Bespoke Home


Choosing Deck Railing Designs That Match Your Style


A lot of people invest considerable time and power into discovering the right deck railing designs for their home. Happily there exists a wide selection of free deck railing designs available on the net for you to pick from.


The first step toward choosing the proper design for your railing is determining the right design for your porch. Here are some things to think of whenever determining top porch for your home:


1. Consider your life style. A porch is just a key element for most domiciles. Your way of life will determine how large a porch you will need like. In the event that you invest in enjoying long afternoons entertaining friends and family outside Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys From China , you need a larger area to the office on than if you plan to seldom use your porch.


2. determine a good option for your porch. For some this is the front of the home or south facing. Nevertheless some prefer to watch the sunset on their porch which means this will dictate location.


3. Select the right materials. Once you choose the right porch you'll should pick materials for the porch plus the railings. People choose for railings crafted or metal or wood, you may consider other materials. You'll desire to look for designs that match the type of your house. Some railings and porches for example are better fitted to contemporary style houses than Victorian design ones.


Popular Free Railing Designs


A lot of people conserve their cash for equipment maybe not for buying designs with regards to their railings. The most used porch designs often involve timber. Wood porches and wood railings frequently complement both contemporary and Victorian or other style homes. While wood does require some upkeep in the long run Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys China , therefore too do other materials like wrought iron. Some find the maintenance for wood railings less tiresome compared to the brushing needed to keep iron railings rust free.


Your selection of materials might also rely on your environment. Some prefer metal railings since they live in low moisture areas and prefer one thing durable and weatherproof. Steel designs could also appeal to people in search of intricate or ornate fixtures to add inside their porch. Check out extra factors whenever choosing a design for your railing:


• Consider the expense and expense of deck railing designs. The more intricate the designs and more closely linked with the architectural design of your home the greater expense you'll incur.


• start thinking about tying rail design into illumination and otter house features.


• make sure you match railing design to the overall porch flooring plan of your home.


• look at the ease of installation, the potency of the look and its particular functionality before purchasing

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