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Some of the online university courses are taken most common business, liberal arts Argentina World Cup Jerseys , health, and vocational training. The curriculum is an online trend for quite a few years, thanks to the Internet and the computer. The registration process

The new Apple TV unveiled this week has the potential to do for television what iPhone did to mobile phones, while claiming a starring role in home entertainment.


Updated Apple TV hardware set for release in late October wasn't expected to revolutionize the television industry, but it could strike a blow to cable companies that have been in a power seat when it comes to delivering shows and other content.


"It (Other OTC: ITGL - news) turns out fears surrounding the long-term prospects of the cable industry were well warranted Victor Cuesta World Cup Jersey ," said Yahoo (Hanover: YHO.HA - news) senior vice president Simon Khalaf, whose mobile analytics company Flurry was bought last year by the Internet pioneer.


"We believe that the industry is facing a perfect storm: apps, app stores and Apple (NasdaqGS: AAPL - news) ."


While the unveiling of a new Apple TV on Wednesday did not come with word of deals to stream shows or films from networks or studios, it will have a version of the App Store that has been a hit on iPhones.


"We believe the future of television is apps," chief executive Tim Cook said.


Apple released a software kit for outside developers Sergio Romero World Cup Jersey , and showed off early versions of Apple TV applications being crafted by streaming services Netflix (Xetra: 552484 - news) , Hulu, and HBO.


- Siri searches shows -


The product launch "sent a warning shot at the cable industry in particular and the media industry in general," Khalaf said in a blog post.


"Now (NYSE: DNOW - news) rather than having dozens of channels to watch, US consumers will have thousands of apps to enjoy on their flat panel TVs ranging from games Sergio Aguero World Cup Jersey , to e-sport apps, to live entertainment apps, and to whatever these developers will cook up over the next year."


Siri virtual assistant software built in Apple TV allowed for natural language searches for shows, such as asking for something funny or a certain actor by name.


Analysts keyed in on the fact that Siri will search across applications on Apple TV, meaning that where shows or films come from should be unimportant to viewers.


People should also be able to see what they want on-demand instead of being at the mercy of cable broadcast schedules.


These options can spur a trend of "cord cutting" or ending the subscription "bundles" offered by cable and satellite TV firms.


- Apps trump TV -


A Flurry report found that for the first time ever Ramiro Funes Mori World Cup Jersey , people in the US in the second quarter of this year spent more each day using mobile applications than they did watching television: a daily average of 198 minutes versus 168 minutes


"Just as they did on the iPhone and iPads, consumers will download these apps and spend plenty of time on them, leaving the dozen or so cable channels lost in a sea of apps," Khalaf said.


By letting media companies keep control of their content in apps, Apple could find new money-making models while sidestepping worries studios might have about distribution rights.


Since games consistently rank as the most popular apps on mobile devices Nicolas Otamendi World Cup Jersey , the genre is expected to be thrive on Apple TV.



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