Nexon took a completely different way with the plan of MapleStory 2

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Nexon took a completely different way with the plan of MapleStory 2. The forthcoming MMO takes all the casual components from the original game but evolves it to comprise 3D interactivity, voxel maps using 3D production tools, along with the standard Maplestory Mesos  adventuring that the original MapleStory was famous for.

I'm no fan of Nexon and I'm thankful the FTC chose a glistening boot, turned that sumbutch sideways and shoved it partly up the rectum of Nexon's bank accounts, forcing them to provide another thought about dangling the financial dillweed of urgency to the smelly, gaping gap of that financial prostitute known as loot boxes.

But notwithstanding the uncleanliness of microtransactions that hastens the business practices of Nexon like Stormy Daniels gets the stench of this Oval Office dripping out of the nether regions of her checking account, the brand new trailer that Nexon pumped out to MapleStory two is actually competently impressive.

There's clearly no "story" to boot, but the trailer is a hodgepodge of enjoyment along with an easel of vibrant pleasure made astir with platforming, bike riding, multiplayer mirth, and enough customization and clothing choices to turn the team of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy to a schizophrenic pool of epileptic ebullience.

You may check out the trailer below to get your fill of some of these new content featured in the upcoming MMORPG. Most surprising to me is that this isn't just a 3D redo of the 2D side-scrolling MMO.

The gameplay is actually very like Keen Games' Portal Knights, that has a very similar ecological voxel-like layout, but with the pudgy, Moe-like characters which are likely going to appeal to a lot of Japanese and South Korean players, and all of the weebs who wish they lived at Nippon.

The actual gameplay in the trailer based more around the casual components -- such as dance, socializing, playing dress-up and constructing your Maple Story 2 Mesos very own little abode -- instead of the combat and celebration mechanics.

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