Additionally certain dogs may have had a traumatic experience

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WELLINGTON John Wall Wizards Jersey , Sept. 14 (Xinhua) -- Forecasts of New Zealand's economic growth have softened on the back of weaker household spending and business investment, an independent economic think- tank said Monday.


A quarterly survey of economic forecasters showed they had revised their growth expectations downwards since the last survey in June, and indicated a greater degree of uncertainty over the economic outlook, according the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER).


Annual average economic growth was expected to track below 3 percent out to 2019 Jason Smith Wizards Jersey , said the NZIER Consensus Forecasts report.


Forecasters expected growth to ease to 2.5 percent in the March 2016 year, before recovering slightly to 2.6 percent in each of the following two years.


Consumer confidence had fallen sharply in recent months, and the increased uncertainty, along with the weaker New Zealand dollar Gilbert Arenas Wizards Jersey , was likely to rein in spending.


The export growth outlook also remained uncertain with near- term growth revised up on the back of the lower exchange rate, but weakening in the following year.


Housing construction growth had been pared back for the coming year, but the level of activity remained high, it said.


The weaker economic outlook was expected to flow through to a softening in the labor market Gary Neal Wizards Jersey , with forecasters on average expecting the unemployment rate to hold up around the current 5.9 percent for the next two years.

As with humans, dogs need dog life jackets when they are in and around water. If you have a pool or are frequently at a beach then you need to own one or more dog life jackets. Life jackets for dogs come in many different styles and sizes so you are sure to find a dog life vest or jacket that is perfect for your pet. You can be assured that your dog will be safe when wearing a life jacket when in or by the water.

Small dogs such as Pekingese, toy poodles, Bichon and Silky terriers will use an XS life jacket. XS is normally reserved for dogs that weigh between 7 to 15 pounds. Even smaller dogs like Chihuahuas Chris McCullough Wizards Jersey , Yorkshires, and Pomeranians would use XXS life jackets. Dogs that tend to be between 15 and 20 pounds such as Welsh Terriers, Dachshunds and Russell terriers all fit into a S life jacket. Basically the bigger the dog the bigger the life jacket.

Most dog life jackets will have a quick grab handle on the top so you can reach out and quickly catch your dog if it is in trouble. It I advised to not use a neoprene life jacket as many dogs tend to become overheated and it can case a rash by chafing. The current life jackets for dogs are breathable and the material allows for fast drying and draining.

Many people believe that all dogs can swim, hence the doggy paddle Brandon Jennings Wizards Jersey , but actually some dogs can t swim and don t like being in water. Certain dogs, such as greyhounds, tend to be low in body fat will quickly become cold in water. Additionally certain dogs may have had a traumatic experience revolving around water, such as falling in as a puppy and they will actually have a water phobia. Even if your dog loves the water and it is a strong swimmer it is possible for them to become fatigued or be overcome by the tide and waves. Wearing a dog life vest can save your dogs life.

Even if your dog loves the water being overweight Bradley Beal Wizards Jersey , old or sick can fatigue them and they can succumb. Believe it or not, even dogs can reach a point where they have difficulty keeping their head above water. A life jacket can help your dog float if it should reach that point. You should think about it this way if you require your kids to wear a life jacket or flotation device then so should your dog. They are part of the family too.

When introducing your dog to the water you want to do it slowly so that the dog remains calm and is not anxious. Having the dog feel secure and safe will let it enjoy the water once it has acclimated. This is the same for wearing a life jacket, let them wear the jacket a bit and become comfortable in it before putting them in the water with the life jacket on.

The material used to make the life jacket should be durable and made of breathable, buoyant material. Some life jackets for dogs will even have a buoyancy rating. When your dog is in the water make sure you can always see them as a dog can become entangled in the life jacket. If you take the time to properly introduce your dog to the water using the correct safety equipment they will have just as much fun as you will.

You can purchase a dog life vest in almost any color and they also come in some fun prints. Others have reflective strips that are great for spotting your dog in the bright sun. Most dog life jackets are designed based on the measurement from the base of the dogs neck to the base of the tail.


KAMPALA Bojan Bogdanovic Wizards Jersey , April 9 (Xinhua) -- Uganda regained their top spot in the Council for East and Central African Football Associations (CECAFA) as per the latest FIFA rankings released on Thursday.


In the rankings, Uganda moved forward by two places to 72nd behind Montenegro and Norway.


""This is very good and we shall keep working hard to improve our ranking and also struggle to qualify for key tournaments,"" Uganda coach Milutin 'Micho' Sredojevic told Xinhua in an interview here.


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