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AN official of a village in northwest China has been detained on suspicion of being involved in a prostitution racket that lured schoolgirls into having sex with influential lawmakers.


The Wuqi People’s Congress Standing Committee identified Qi Jingtao Cheap Men's Nike Air Force 1 Low Casual Shoes All Black , head of the villagers’ committee in Loufangzhang, Shaanxi Province, as the person held by police, but did not elaborate on the case.


According to a report by the Legal Weekly, several local businessmen have sought to curry favor with government officials by providing them with virgins to sleep with. Many of the girls were recruited from Wuqi County High School with the help of their fellow pupils, it said.


An unnamed insider was quoted as saying the girls were taken to a hotel where they were “assessed” to ensure they were virgins and pretty enough to “meet” an official.


The business was also highly lucrative for the pupils who recruited the new girls, with one of them earning 1.2 million yuan (US$193 Cheap Men's Nike Air Force 1 High Supreme SP Shoes White ,000) in commission fees, the report said.


Of the 5,000 yuan the girls were paid for their virginities, 3,000 yuan went to the recruiter, it said.


The scandal came to light following an investigation into bullying at the school. Police found that seven 11th-grade girls had bullied five 10th-grade girls in a dorm room over a six-hour period on September 21-22.


The younger girls said they were forced to strip and take photos of one another. Those that resisted were threatened at knifepoint, the report said.


On September 26 Cheap Men's Nike Air Force 1 Low Leather QS Shoes White , police detained six of the seniors, while a seventh girl walked free as she was under 16 and therefore below the age of criminal responsibility, a statement said.


While police did not indicate a connection between the bullying and the alleged prostitution scandal, several parents of the younger girls did, the report said.


“Our children were forced to strip naked. When my daughter refused, her clothes were cut off with a knife and she suffered cuts to her stomach,” one was quoted as saying.


“An 11th-grader kicked my daughter in the stomach and she collapsed to the ground Cheap Women's Nike Air Force 1 Mid 07 White Black Shoes ,” said another.


Several of the younger girls were later checked by doctors who confirmed they had been assaulted, the report said.


Some parents have appealed to the authorities for compensation to cover medical bills but their claims have so far fallen on deaf ears, it said.


The school’s headmaster Zhang Junyin has denied any responsibility for the bullying, it said.


When three of the parents staged a protest outside the county government building, they were given a five-day administrative detention as punishment, the report said.


“Police agreed to release us after we promised never again to petition the county, city or province Cheap Men's Nike Air Force 1 Low 07 LV8 Shoes Metallic Silver ,” one said.


SEOUL, Feb. 24 (Xinhua) -- South Korea and the United States will launch their joint annual war games from next week despite the strong opposition from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), the Combined Forces Command (CFC) said on Tuesday.


The "Key Resolve" command post exercise will be held from March 2 to March 13, mobilizing about 10,000 South Korean troops and 8, 600 U.S. forces, including 6 Cheap Men's Nike Air Force 1 Low 07 LE Shoes Black White ,750 American soldiers from overseas, according to the CFC.


The "Foal Eagle" field training exercise will be conducted from March 2 to April 24, involving about 200,000 South Korean troops and 3,700 American soldiers, including 3,500 U.S. forces from overseas.


The "Foal Eagle" is a series of combined field maneuver exercise spanning ground Cheap Women's Nike Air Force 1 Mid 07 White Shoes , air, naval and special operations.


South Korea and the U.S. have said they are annually-held drills of "defensive" nature to ensure defense readiness of the combined forces, but the DPRK has denounced them as a rehearsal for a northward invasion.


The DPRK offered to suspend the annual war games between Seoul and Washington this year in return for its halt of nuclear tests, a proposal flatly rejected by the two countries.


In February 2014, the two Koreas held the first high-level talks since South Korean President Park Geun-hye took office in early 2013. The senior-level dialogue resulted in the reunion of Korean families separated by the 1950-53 Korean War.


Despite Pyongyang's call for delay or cancellation of the joint war games, Seoul and Washington staged the "Key Resolve" and "Foal Eagle" exercises last year as scheduled.


Angering over the drills, the DPRK fired a number of missiles and artillery shells from Feb. 21 to mid-August last year cheap nike special field air force 1 , while threatening a new form of nuclear test.


Pyongyang fired five short-range tactical missiles into east waters earlier this month in what appeared to protest against the scheduled South Korea-U.S. military exercises.


South Korea proposed to hold the second high-level dialogue with the DPRK in January, but Pyongyang has kept mum about it citing various preconditions such as the suspension of the joint military drills between Washington and Seoul.


For the first time participating in the "Key Resolve" exercise will be the USS Fort Worth, a 3,450-ton littoral combat ship equipped with an MH-60R helicopter, vertical take-off unmanned aerial vehicle, 57-milimeter gun and 21 missiles.


The South Korean Navy and the U.S. battleship will carry out various joint exercises, including firing exercise cheap nike air force 1 flyknit low , inter- communication drill and cargo exchange exercises.


The USS Blue Ridge, the command ship of the U.S. Seventh Fleet, will also join the South Korea-U.S. war games.


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