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he Few about the ‘wasted seed of the Bulldog breed chanting “Here We FUT Coins Go”’ UEFA has threatened England with being kicked out of Euro 2016 tournament if trouble in France persists RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Russian thugs have modelled themselves on the English club... Iceland's Euro 2016 story is worthy of Hollywood but their... England face Wales in Lens, a city where the tiny population...


Cristiano Ronaldo greets fans as Cedric Soares claims... Share this article Share 13 shares It is not alright to pitch up with your flags, take over a section of a city, chant and jeer and abuse locals and riot police. One colleague saw a teenage English boy goading a fully tooled-up CRS officer. ‘Do you want some?’ he sneered. He then turned to his mates behind him.


He doesn’t want some!’ he boasted. Turned out that, if pushed enough, he did, in fact, ‘want some.’However, much as I want that minority of England fans to be cowed by UEFA’s threat, it has the touch of the desperate parent about it. ‘I’m warning you!’


Do that again and you really will be grounded for a month!’If you really think UEFA will chuck out Vladimir Putin’s Russia, whose sports minister Vitaly Mutko appeared to fist pump and wave at Russian supporters after the match on Saturday, then you are seriously overestimating the backbone of this organisation. I’d be interested to see what happens to the Gazprom sponsorship of the Cheap FIFA Coins Champions League if UEFA makes good on that threat.And FA Chairman Greg Dyke is right to castigate UEFA for their organisation.


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