2018 FIFA World Mug: 1, 318, 109 tickets requested within 24 hours

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Ticket product sales for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia resumed on 5 December exclusively on FIFA. com/tickets and also the excitement sparked through the Final Draw brought another wave associated with worldwide interest.

Within the first 24 hours, followers from all over the world asked for 1, 318, 109 tickets as the random-selection draw sales period goes on until 31 January 2018. Followers are able to apply for person match tickets for all matches (except for the opening match and also the final), venue-specific seat tickets and supporter seat tickets. In the event that the number of seat tickets requested exceeds the available inventory, share will be based on a random-selection draw procedure.

Followers are advised that, during the current product sales period, ticket programs can be submitted anytime until midday (Moscow time) on 31 January 2018 at without any preference given in respect of the date of submission (i. e. earlier submissions will not be preferred and still have better chances of success than later submissions).

Currently, most programs have come from Russia while international demand remains high as well as accounts for 34 per cent. Fans from Argentina, Peru, Mexico, UNITED STATES, Colombia, Brazil, Morocco, Egypt, China as well as Poland all buy fifa 18 coins presently rank in top.

Tickets can be purchased online using Visa transaction cards or Visa Checkout. Visa may be the official payment solutions partner of FIFA.

More details related to the sales timeline, ticket products, prices, transaction methods and other important info is available at FIFA. com/tickets.

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