2017's best PUBG Twitch clips

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When it comes to Twitch in the year associated with 2017, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is synonymous with everything that's excellent about the website.

Audiences came out in droves day in as well as day out to watch the game in its growing popularity once it was released in march, as PUBG became one of the most popular games from the year in sales and in viewership.

PUBG helped skyrocket professions for some, and these amusing clips going virus-like undoubtedly also helped in make the game the huge hit that it is.

"Just when The Doc gets into it"

PUBG has seen its fair share of optimizations since entering Steam early access in Mar, but the game continues to be very far from ideal. This clip associated with DrDisRespect shows a few of its inconsistencies which includes incredible timing and a hilarious ending.

RIP Bananaman

2017 was a tremendous year for former CS: GO pro Mike "Shroud" Grzesiek, as this individual became one of the biggest streamers on Twitch right after Buy pubg skins going full-time over the summer. In this clip, the story of Shroud and long-time fan/stream-sniper "Bananaman" came to a violent end to be PUBG's most viewed Twitch clip from the year.

Earthquake close to Mexico City

On Sep. 19, a 7. 1 earthquake struck Mexico as well as streamer Sterdekie was live as it occurred. Luckily for your pet, he was able to evacuate the scene securely, but the clip itself is quite scary.

Final circle bloodbath

Grimmmz and AnthonyKongphan are two popular streamers who saw a lot of success in 2017 thanks to their formidable PUBG skills. The duo slaughter exactly what seems like half of the server in a busy final circle within this action-packed clip.

Twitch Bot gets third place

Sometimes, PUBG is a really ridiculous game. You can place really well by not moving, or concealing, or just trying to avoid the action altogether. Within this clip, a Twitch chat-controlled bot made it all the way to third place in a Single match simply by moving.

"Only losers die in the red zone"

This particular clip needs little introduction, other than to say that karma can be swift.

The Doc gets banned

Back in July, a teaming of titans took place as DrDisRespect, Grimmmz and AnthonyKongphan teamed up. When a random fourth teammate required the only seat remaining in a Pubg items three-seat motorcycle, The Doc team-killed him. Shortly after, this individual was banned, also it set a preceding moving forward that nobody is above the law in PUBG.

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