Cloud9 sweep Renegades in order to win iBuyPower Experts 2017

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Another fascinating weekend of Counter-Strike ended last night, along with North American juggernaut Cloud9 victorious for the 2nd time this year.

C9 convincingly won iBuyPower Masters yesterday, beating many of the region's best teams in a rigorous eight-team pool. That they had a 6-2 chart record throughout the two-day tournament in Santa Ana, California.

In the beginning of their brief weekend break in Santa Ana, C9 went 2-1 in three best-of-ones in Group Play on Nov. eleven, winning against NRG Esports twice (16-5 and 16-9) as well as losing to Renegades once (16-14)—all which were on Mirage. The loss to Renegades on Mirage might later motivate them to polish their perform on the map.

Their next match against Team Liquid in the semifinals was a mixed bag, however , because both teams shown very strong Terrorist edges. Liquid took Inferno 16-3 and C9 traded Overpass 16-5, but it all came down to the second half map three Cobblestone. C9 eased previous Liquid on their Terrorist side after a close first half, and they were able to close out the series Where to buy csgo skins thanks to the late one-on-two clutch from Tyler “skadoodle” Latham.

C9 later went on to play in the grand finals against Renegades, who experienced defeated OpTic Gaming in the latter semifinal match earlier that day. The United states favorite crushed the actual Australian side in map one Mirage 16-6. Renegades organized a much better fight on Train, despite quitting an early 9-6 lead. C9 forced overtime in round thirty, and they found their own way to a 19-16 scoreline and a 2-0 finals sweep after two defenses and a strong execute. Mike “Stewie2k” Yip had been the biggest factor in his team’s win, accruing 26 kills for each map and averaging 98. 2 damage per round.

Cloud9 takes home $100, 000 in what is actually their second title victory in two months. Their performance in iBP Masters revealed that they can still contend as a clear favorite within the North American region.

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