GODSENT eliminated from Western Minor in starting group stage

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The actual European Minor qualifier for the Boston Main began today within Bucharest, Romania, as well as GODSENT is the first big name team in order to leave the event earlier.

GODSENT lost their own opening Group The match to AGO Gaming 16-8 upon Cache, putting all of them in the losers’ match up right after. Fortunately with regard to GODSENT, they swept Windigo Gaming 2-0 with dominant 16-2 and 16-3 scorelines on Mirage as well as Overpass to stay alive for a little longer in the Minor. However their luck ran out as Buy CSGO Skins they faced AGO in the group decider and lost two maps within a row—Mirage (16-13) as well as Cobblestone (16-5).

Although Simon “twist” Eliasson was the most constant of the Swedish part in their three roadmaps against AGO, his fragging power wasn’t enough for GODSENT to overcome their own excruciatingly weak Counter-Terrorist sides. Their defensive winrate was approximately average of 3 rounds per 1 / 2.

The ELEAGUE Main: Boston will be the 2nd consecutive Valve Main that the Swedish selection will miss. The final time many of these gamers attended a Major had been last January at the ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta, when twist, Dennis Edman, and Joakim “disco doplan” Gidetun were with Fnatic. Andreas “znajder” Lindberg, however , has been along with GODSENT since it started in April 2016.

GODSENT will be seeking to bounce back from their losses at the Minor in their ECS season 4 and ESL Professional League season six matches.

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