PUBG could be banned within China, losing the biggest playerbase

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds could get pressed out of the world's best budding gaming marketplace: China.

Chinese watchdogs at the Game Industry Network have cited that PUBG, the hottest game in the industry right now, may be too violent because of its survival at-all-costs mechanics that notice gamers taking on a large number of other players within an open-world deathmatch type. It's also likely PUBG won't get official approval from China's State Administration associated with Press, Publication, Radio stations, Film and Television, and could get prohibited in the region. Since the game has yet to obtain official approval from the government, players have to access the game through VPNs, which are often sporadic and eventually blocked.

If PUBG is indeed banned from play within China, it would have a significant effect on the game. Chinese players presently account for the lion's share of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players on Steam, making up 37% of PUBG's proprietor and a mighty 44% of its playerbase, dwarfing the numbers in other areas including the United States.

Although the game has amassed an incredible 17 mil Buy pubg skins copies sold up to now and is still rising, losing China would be a big blow that could seriously detrimentally affect the game's primary engagement at a critical point before the game's release. PUBG is actually close to being completed and launched onto the market with loot box style beauty microtransactions--something that Chinese players spend billions on every year.

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